Antique Persian Tabriz Rug. BB6467

Antique Persian Tabriz Rug. Description:

Such magnificent and fascinating art works as this antique Tabriz rug are exceptionally hard to come across. Its outstanding design is a result of the incredible artistry and experience of Tabriz weaving masters which have been honed for many centuries, as Tabriz is one of the oldest and most renowned weaving centers in the world. The main field together with the borders create a dreamy fantasy world full of lavish fauna and flora.

While botanical patterns are quite common in authentic persian rugs runner, animal motifs are definitely a rarer treat. Here we are presented with a whole menagerie, from birds through wild hoofed game to fish, all beautifully drawn into a lush thicket. The pattern is well-organized thanks to numerous medallions, gracefully dividing the main field and applied more sparingly in the main border, combined with bold palmettes. The secondary borders are adorned with flower-head motifs and a flowering climber.

The muted and absolutely elegant color palette, with subtle tones of light brown, taupe, ivory, beige and slate gray, emphasizes the splendor of the Persian Tabriz antique rug. However, the greatness of this piece of weaving art lies not only in the mesmerizing appearance but also in its masterful execution. Aptly hand-knotted of the finest luminous wool in traditional techniques, the carpet exhibits marvelous durability which enabled it to survive until this day in excellent condition. If properly maintained, the antique Persian rug dealer will serve its owner for generations, pleasing with its phenomenal energy.

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