Antique Persian Khorassan Rug BB6471

Antique Persian Khorassan Rug Description:

Khorassan, also known as the “land of the rising sun”, brings the world the light of superior rug craftsmanship, which this imposing antique Persian Khorassan rug is a fine example of. Its rich and diverse design contains of a number of classic Oriental botanical motifs that together form an intriguing, vibrant and pleasantly curvilinear composition. The main field of the antique Khorassan rug is covered in an allover pattern of palmettes, flower-heads and four-armed floral medallions interconnected by stylized vines. This gracious thicket is enclosed within a series of borders kept in a similar vein, with ornamental palmettes and stylized foliage joined by a flowering climber. The color palette relies on earthy and muted tones with predominance of slate grey, beige and brown, complemented by invigorating shades of rosewood and russet. However, the aesthetic side is not the only merit of the remarkable antique rug – the execution definitely matches the timeless beauty of the design. Meticulously hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with traditional techniques, the rug has survived over a hundred years in perfect condition which is the best confirmation of its quality. If properly maintained, the antique Khorassan rugs for sale will serve its owners for generations without any signs of blemish, pleasing the hands and feet with irresistibly appealing texture. Due to its dimensions, the antique Persian carpet will work best in ample spaces, hallways and transitional rooms. If given a chance, the recherché piece will enhance any décor, from classic to modern.

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