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Antique Oriental Rugs in Modern Times

Who of us in our childhood never dreamed of having a fairytale, flying carpet, which would take us to any place on earth? Now in adult life, who among us does not admire a masterpiece of craft and local folklore of elaborately woven carpets from the Middle East. Known throughout the world distinctive kilims, rugs and the famous “Persian carpets” impress with their skill and precision.

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Oriental colors and intricate patterns of carpets uncover our deepest emotions.

The process of renewal of antique Oriental rugs is extremely interesting. Everything begins with the search and purchase the most interesting, unique, and valuable carpets (many of them are over 100 years old!) in the known ancient villages of Persia, famous for creating beautiful carpets – such as Tabriz, Nain, Qod, Kerman, Kashmar or Senneh. Next the acquired works of art are thoroughly cleaned and repaired. Then the carpets are left in the sun for a long time, up to several months just to decolorize intense, characteristic color of the specific villages.

After the end of time-consuming discoloration, carpets are subjected to a controlled aging process, to finally get to re-dyeing with natural dyes. Spectacular and unique effect of all of these processes often amazes prominent stylists and designers – we get carpets – individual, unique and antique crafts in a truly modern twist.

Some of the oldest carpets obtained from the areas of ancient Persia tend to be seriously damaged by time and too destroyed to be repaired. This problem has also been solved, so that even fragmentary preserved copies of formerly perfect carpets are saved and incorporated into the contemporary interpretation of weaving. From damaged antique Persian rugs, the best-preserved parts are cut and further processed. Preserved scraps of carpet, in certain shades of color, are then selected by the artists and weavers, who combine them (stitching them by hand) in the the so-called “patchwork”, creating a unique compositions and new quality.

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