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Authentic Antique Carpets

Antique RugsAntique carpets are decorative heavy textiles that were created at least 80 years ago. This general category includes carpets from all over the world, Orient and Occident alike. Apart from the purely utilitarian function, they constitute the record of our ancestors’ skills, beliefs, and artistic sensitivity.

What distinguishes antique from contemporary creations is traditional craftsmanship. Hand-made of natural materials (wool, cotton, silk, sometimes silver or gold threads), authentic antique rugs are qualitative, ready to serve for centuries, provided proper maintenance. This is one of the main reasons behind their high value and renown.

In the past, the connection between craft and art was much closer than it is today. Thus, each antique rug is, in fact, a well-thought-out story, told through colors and patterns and motifs. No matter if simple or complex, tribal or urban – antique rugs deserve to be perceived as timeless artworks rather than mere floor coverings.