Malayer Midnight Blue & Orange Handwoven Wool Rug
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Malayer Midnight Blue & Orange Handwoven Wool Rug BB6027 6'0" × 16'5" $30,000

Malayer rugs are widely acclaimed for their diversity of styles and colors, and the one before your eyes embodies this exceptional northwestern Iranian style. Its vast midnight blue field is covered with an allover pattern of staggered cypress trees which are a variation on the iconic tree of life motif – a symbol of everlasting life. The cypress as a symbol is used in oriental burial rituals, however in itself it represents the desire for immortality.

This powerful message is emphasized by the deep navy blue shade of the setting which also indicates a strong belief in life after death, whereas the reddish salmon tone in which the pattern is executed stands for courage and vibrant life force. The salmon shade is repeated on one of the borders where it is accompanied by a subtle sandy beige hue indicating power and glory.

This mesmerizing antique Persian rug and carpet was thoroughly hand-crafted of the finest wool in old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. Its remarkable quality is confirmed by the fact that this venerable piece has survived unblemished for over hundred years and will surely serve its future owners for many years yet to come. This runner-like antique rug will be perfect for all ample interiors, corridors and staircases where it has a chance to fill the space with its oriental vibe.


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Price: $30,000

Item No.: BB6027 Circa: 1900 Size: 6'0" × 16'5" (182 × 500 cm)
Style: Origin: Persia