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Vintage Indian Amritsar Rug

Vintage Indian Amritsar Rug BB5780

Price: $35,000

This early 20th century antique Indian Amritsar carpet features an unusual, large geometric medallion in shades of the palest pinks, yellows and greens with a faded patina. The medallion contains and is surrounded by minor stylized floral motifs in the same palette, with an intricate main border completing the look. The antique circa-1920 antique carpet comes from Amritsar (meaning “the lake of immortality” in Sanskrit), a city in Punjab in the northwest of India, near the Kashmir region.

The weavers of this city’s tradition created unique textiles in part because they had not developed a distinctive style of rug-weaving as early as other Indian counterparts. While regions of southern and western India began weaving Persian-influenced indian carpets during the Mughal era, the weavers of Amritsar took their direction from the sensibilities of the West.

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Item No.: BB5780 Circa: 1920 Size: 9'0" × 12'0" (274 × 365 cm)Categories: , ,