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Aubusson Arthur Dunnam
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Aubusson Arthur Dunnam N11315 9'9" × 13'9" $11,000

This luxurious modern area rug, designed by Arthur Dunnam, immediately delights with its subtle legance, so characteristic for the style of its creator. Handmade from the highest quality wool, the aubusson carpet sports an interesting pattern, inspired by the magnificent pieces, woven in the past by villages of Aubusson and Felletin, in France. However, instead of keeping the rich ornamentations and vivacious colorings, Dunnam decided to simplify the traditional pattern, creating a truly modern composition.

Geometrical shapes and straight lines incorporated into this design remind of a complicated puzzle, waiting to be solved. The view is so fascinating, that it might be difficult to turn the gaze away. Dunnam’s choice of dyes is superb – beiges and browns work perfectly together, bringing balance and harmony to the whole. Dunnam undoubtedly knows how to make a piece of art, which will be not only beautiful but also functional. Thanks to its simplicity, quality and modest colorings, the Designer Rug and carpet can be used in any kind of style and serve faithfully for years to come.


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Price: $11,000

Item No.: N11315 Size: 9'9" × 13'9" (297 × 419 cm)
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