Contemporary Tibetan Geometric Gray Hand Knotted Silk Rug
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Contemporary Tibetan Geometric Gray Hand Knotted Silk Rug N11125 8'0" × 10'0" $8,000

While not as famous as other types of Oriental rugsTibetan carpets still dazzle with their stunning designs and high quality of weave. Handmade Tibetan carpets and other woven goods have a long history. What first started off as a practical craft, became an art few could match. For centuries Tibetan rugs served as basic furnishings, places of prayer and most basic means to keep one’s household warm during harsh winters. Comparing to other Oriental carpets, Tibetan rugs are made using local techniques, passed on from generation to generation since times immemorial. As a result, Tibetan rugs sport patterns and motifs which you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

This stunning Tibetan rug is a perfect mix of elegance and simplicity. Woven with great care, using only the highest quality silk, this contemporary rug is a perfect choice for those who yearn for something exotic yet comfortingly familiar. Its allover pattern features an arabesque abstract design composed of straight lines that twist and turn creating a complex labyrinth. Thanks to the use of natural silk, rug’s pile has a delicate sheen to it, making it appear even more appealing. Color palette accompanying this contemporary rug contains mostly shades of gray, which brought together create a toned-down yet spectacular composition.

Our antique rugs and contemporary carpets are among one of the most luxurious goods you will ever be able to find. If you are looking for not only great beauty, but also superior quality, be sure to check out Doris Leslie Blau’s website.


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Price: $8,000

Item No.: N11125 Size: 8'0" × 10'0" (243 × 304 cm)
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