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Vintage Swedish Pile Rug Helge Hamnert, Hogsby

Vintage Swedish Pile Rug Helge Hamnert, Hogsby BB5395

Price: $28,000

This midcentury vintage Swedish pile rug by Helge Hamnert, Hogsby features an all-over design of pastel yellows, pinks and lilacs against a field of warm brown. Carpets and scandinavian design rugs have been handmade from knotted wool in Sweden for centuries, taking on many different forms and functions over the course of time. Vintage oriental rugs woven in the traditional Oriental manner were originally brought to Sweden over trade routes as early as the early Middle Ages.

Eventually, Swedish rug-makers would begin to use Oriental rug-making techniques while incorporating themes and motifs more consistent with the artistic and cultural heritage of Sweden. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the craft was seen as being an important artistic and cultural practice throughout Sweden, and designers began to make rugs for sale that had a broad international appeal. Scandinavian carpets from the mid-twentieth century remain among the most desirable and sought after in the antique rug world.

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Item No.: BB5395 Circa: 1950 Size: 7'0" × 10'4" (213 × 314 cm)Categories: ,