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Antique Persian Heriz Rug

Antique Persian Heriz Rug BB5065

Price: $50,000

A Late 19th Century Persian Heriz Rug with a subtle geometric medallion that blends into the abrashed tan field as does the border. Faded browns, soft blues and ivory create a symetrical and balanced design.

The Secret Ingredient of Persian Heriz Rugs and Bakshaish Rugs

Characterized by elegant geometry, antique rugs for sale and Bakshaish rugs continue to attract new generations of consumers and collectors. The remarkable quality of these carpets, reflected in their toughness as well as elegant patina and rich colors, can be attributed to a secret ingredient. The town of Heriz lies on the slopes of the Mount Sabalan which in turn sits on a major deposit of copper. As it gets to the water of surrounding rivers, copper is absorbed by the sheep. Traces of copper in the drinking water of sheep contribute to the production high quality wool that is far more resilient than wool from other areas. Due to that fact, Persian rugs and Bakshaish rugs for sale are absolutely exceptional and desired around the world.

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