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Antique Persian Bibikabad Rug

Antique Persian Bibikabad Rug BB4936

Price: $85,000

An Antique Persian Bibikabad Rug with an intricately woven floral and vine design that creates a subtle shadow stripe. Hints of pastel blue and coral with shades of brown on an Ivory field. The border has a graphic abstract vine design.

Antique Bibikabad rugs demonstrate rich Persian heritage, while also displaying ancient Turkish techniques of weaving. These luxurious rugs for sale offer a combination of cultural heritage creating a beautiful artistic example of the richness of both cultures. Bibikabad rugs hail from western Persia, in the village of Bibi Kabad within the Hamadan region. Bibi Kabad means “the village of grandmother.” The name itself reflects the importance of cultural heritage to the creation of the blue persian rug, and this importance is evident in the composition and artistry of each antique carpet. But while the name and appearance reflect its geographic and cultural origins, the weaving technique used shows a kinship with Turkish culture.

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