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6 Reasons Why Rugs Can Improve Your Housing’s Interior

Rugs are a product of a dynamic yet adaptive industry which has been developing for centuries and enjoyed unfading popularity. No wonder there is a great interest given by the homeowners and interior designers to the interactions between flooring and walls to the carpet. We are proud to present a plethora of ways in which woven textiles can improve absolutely anyone’s living space. Rug up!

1. Rugs are Future!

Setting up of carpets is continuously adapting to innovations and modern trends. Nonetheless, the value of rugs has not changed essentially since they were thoroughly crafted hundereds of years ago by the nomadic tribes of Central Asia. Woven textiles were developed as protection from severe winter cold when they proved more practical and aesthetically appealing than sheepskins. Aside from this, they were used to decorate the walls and floors of the tents.

vintage rug in living room, colorful rug


Today, they became a quintessential component in decorating or renovating spaces in houses, offices, schools or any other facilities. Rugs are available at many prices and different quality levels. They can range from inexpensive textiles that are synthetic, factory-made and are commonly used in commercial buildings to more costly but hand- knotted wool or silk ones that are chosen by admirers of non-disposable goods and timeless elegance. Below we present constructive reasons why carpets are of a great consideration.

vintage rug in living room, colorful rug, boho interior rug

2. Rugs are Happiness!

Rugs can have a significant impact on one’s mood . The soft and cushioning texture against the floor invokes the feeling of homeliness and intimacy. With tender, shaggy piles all around it is pleasurable to walk through barefoot, embracing the welcoming appeal of your house. Sensory and tactile stimulations provided by rugs cannot be delivered by any other known floor coverings. According to studies, rugs evoke positive emotional response in people.

striped in living room, colorful rug, elegant interior rug
Design by Jeffrey Alan Marks

Their colors alone can generate or enhance a certain emotion. Vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and green encourage socializing and communicating ,while the dark hues like purple, red or dark green can help us concentrate and rest. Therefore, carpets belong to the most widely applied elements in conscious decorating aimed at promoting creativity, peace and happiness. It is hard and unnecessary to resist the cozy and encouraging place to sit, play, read or work that rugs offer.

Source:, Persian Rug by Doris Leslie Blau

3. Rugs are Safety!

The presence of carpets in interiors promotes safety. Slips and accidents commonly occur in homes with hard surface floors but rarely on carpeted floors. Rugs are known to reduce sliding and falling incidences, at the same time minimizing injuries when falls do occur. They provide protection for the whole family which is especially true for the small children and the elderly. By cushioning our feet, soft piles carefully watch our steps for us.

Source: mydomaine,

oriental rug, Moroccan rug, oriental living room

Moroccan rugs 1, 2 by Doris Leslie Blau

4. Rugs are Thrift!

Rugs provide actual thermal resistance when they retain warm air longer. Genuine hand-woven textiles are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter which can be visibly conducive to the condition of our wallets. Due to the insulation properties, carpets significantly reduce the heating and cooling energy costs in the indoor space. Numerous professional researches have exposed that non-insulated floors account for between 10 to 20% of heat loss from a single household. In a bigger scene, this can lead to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and thus, save the environment as well as our home budget.

Moroccan rug, oriental rug, Scandinavian living room

Source:, Pinterest

Doris Leslie Blau Samarkand Rug

5. Rugs are Beauty!

Last but not least, rugs have an invaluable effect on our interior due to their strictly aesthetic merits. With hundreds of choices for patterns, cuts, sizes and colors, there will be endless of options to consider for the creation of the decorating style that you can call your own. Your ultimate pick will reflect how you want to personalize the living space. A carpet can be a neutral foundation, or it can become a focal point with vibrant colors and stronger, bolder designs showing one’s uniqueness.



The floor defines the space, thus carpets are great tools to anchor a room. By means of their distinct features like texture or color, rugs may add dimension to the otherwise bland-looking interior, or tie together the different and varying elements creating a cohesive look. The process may even extend thought the entire house, as floor coverings are excellent in connecting unrelated rooms. All in all, rugs and carpets offer inhabitants greater levels of comfort, beauty and safety in every climate.

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Author: Lindy Schwarts,


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