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5 Ways To Make A Large Room Feel Comfy

Large rooms seem like the easiest ones to decorate when they are far from it. It takes a lot of time and careful deliberation to determine how to carefully set-up the interior of a large space. If you’re unsuccessful, your room will look either too stark or too redundant with a plethora of negative spaces to boot.

Big spaces come in all shapes and sizes; a loft, a grand villa or even a home with double height spaces. When given such three-dimensional free-styling, it is extremely challenging to make these rooms relatable and comfy. This begs the question; what should be done to actually achieve that? To answer that, further down we will be sharing some great tips on how to make a large room feel comfy.

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1. Choose Warm Colors

The easiest way to add a comfy vibe to your large room is by selecting a warm color palate. Warm colors include all hues on the darker, more visually weighty end of the color spectrum –think: red, browns, burgundy and more. When you apply these tints in a large room, it invokes one of the most basic rules of color psychology – creating a grounded feel while keeping the ambiance comfortable.

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2. Decorate with Rugs

Carpets and rugs have a way of inherently amping up the comfy factor of any large room. Not only do they have a visually dissonant texture, they give off an inviting aura that will leech out the starkness of any large space. Rugs can also make your large space seem extremely trendy. Furthermore, they’re available in all sorts of styles – be it contemporary or traditional or anything in between.

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3. Lots of Artwork

A great way to add a little personal taste and comfortableness within a large room is by decorating with a lot of artwork. You can either create a feature display wall of your selective art-pieces, photographs or even patchwork quilts. You could even dress an entire feature wall in digitally printed wallpaper of your favorite scene. As long as it matches the style of your overall interior, any of these options would be great.

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4. Wooden Accents

Wood is the kind of material that will bring a natural charm and warmth to any large space. You can use either large or small wooden accents throughout your room to add a comfy ambiance. Wooden floors are especially welcoming. They are also the epitome of trendy and stylish. Furthermore, you could also use economical alternatives like laminates and tiles if hardwood floors are too expensive for you.

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5. Create a Focal Point

While it is definitely suggested to scatter your furniture and other accessories around the large room, you should also create a focal point. This could be a feature furniture piece or even a large chandelier in the middle of the room. Basically anything that will anchor the overall aesthetic will do.

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