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This beautiful vintage rug is a classic example of the exceptional artistry from Samarkand. Located at the former Silk Road connecting China and the Mediterranean, the Central-Asian weaving center had a chance to absorb miscellaneous aesthetics and designs from various cultural circles, which is reflected in the vintage Samarkand carpet before your eyes.

Its main field carries five small medallions surrounded by floral motifs referring to the Tree of Life, and it is finished with four spandrels in the corners. Everything is enclosed by an elegant triple border. The color palette features sandy beige accompanied by navy and royal blue and subtle touches of dusty orange. Such a composition is not too timid nor bold, just perfect for all connoisseurs of timeless designs with character.

Masterfully hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques, the vintage Samarkand rug has survived until this day in excellent condition which is the best indicator of its quality. If properly cared for, the vintage rug will serve its owners for generations, bringing in the warmth and magic of the Samarkand rug craft.

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Item No.: BB6628 Circa: 1930 Size: 4'0" × 6'2" (121 × 187 cm)
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