This beautiful early 20th century Bezalel rug, woven circa 1930 has been a mute witness to the development of Jewish art in British-ruled Palestine. What distinguishes it from many others, is its spiritual connection with Jewish tradition and religion. Bezalel rugs were produced in a school workshop in Jerusalem, founded by Boris Schatz and Theodore Herzl. The purpose of this institution was to educate and provide an outlet for Jewish artists, while encouraging them to mix European designs with traditional patterns. This vintage rug is a great example of such fusion. The background composed of beiges, light yellows with hints of blue emphasizes the main motif of Jewish menorah, seven-lamp lampstand also presented in shades of yellow, orange and green. With delicate depictions on both outer and inner frame, carpet reminds of a painting, which could be displayed in a Jewish house of prayer or rabbi's home.
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Vintage Bezalel Rug
Item No. BB6175
Circa: 1930

Price: $ 5,000
Size: 2'2" × 2'9" (66 × 84 cm)
Color palette:
Vintage Bezalel Rug BB6175