Vintage French Art Deco Rug
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Vintage French Art Deco Rug BB6583

Price: $35,000

Vintage French rugs are known for their exquisite designs and this piece is certainly not an exception to this rule. Woven by hand circa 1945, it dazzles with its whimsical, almost playful pattern. Inspired by Art Deco movement, it features a graceful serpentine lines in the center, accompanied by a delicate lattice in the upper right and bottom left corners. The whole is anchored with subtle waves that seem almost ethereal compared to other, more solid forms. The color palette features mostly pale pink with elements of elegant burgundy and white.

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Item No.: BB6583 Circa: 1945 Size: 9'2" × 11'10" (279 × 360 cm)
Style: Abstract, Art Deco, Dreamy Origin: European Rugs, French Rugs