Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Double Sided Rug BB6510

Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Double Sided Rug Description:

This vintage flat-woven reversible rug embodies the very essence of Scandinavian design. Made of high-quality wool in accordance with traditional weaving techniques, the flat-weave exhibits extraordinary endurance which allows it to maintain impeccable condition for decades. In addition, its exquisite body is reversible which means that both sides are absolutely usable – one carpet, twice as much charm concealed within its intertwining warp and weft, not to mention the prolonged lifespan. The Swedish rug enchants with an utterly simplistic yet well-planned out and properly balanced geometric design incorporating elongated diamonds, finished with horizontal lines at the edges and in the central part of the main field. Although the pattern is identical on the two faces of the carpet, there is the brighter and the darker side of this northern beauty. The steel gray serves as the background and the motifs carry the navy blue and slate gray on the lighter side, and at the back the situation is reversed. Practical, minimalistic and durable, this vintage flat-woven rug is a dream come true of all who cherish timeless design. It will most certainly match a wide variety of interior arrangements, from classic to contemporary.

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