Vintage Swedish Flat weave rug

Price: $4,000

This vintage Swedish flat weave rug traces its origin back to the golden period of the Northern-European weaving falling on the first half of the 20th century. Both its timeless design and outstanding quality clearly indicate that the piece belongs to the most refined of Scandinavian rugs.

Although simple, the allover geometric pattern is given depth and artistic dimension thanks to the saturated shades of blue, from sapphire through plum to navy, complemented by off-white stripes and light brown rectangles. Everything is finished with a lovely fringe at the shorter edges of the vintage rug that infuses the piece with a bucolic aura.

Carefully hand-woven of the finest wool by a skilled artisan, this Swedish flat-weave is distinguished by durability and firm structure which allowed it to survive until present with no signs of wear whatsoever. If properly maintained, it will undoubtedly serve its owners for generations, bringing in the unmatched charm of Scandinavian craft.

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Item No.: BB6638 Circa: 1945 Size: 6'4" × 10'0" (193 × 304 cm)