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Large Antique Turkish Sivas
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Large Antique Turkish Sivas BB6808 14'1" × 19'2" $80,000

A large antique Turkish Sivas rug with all over floral design in monochromatic tones of tan and brown. Sophisticated and very modern looking.

Decorative antique carpets from Sivas in the southeast are finely woven and formal, tending to interpret the classical Persian style with central medallions and floral infill. A palette of soft and pale gelato tones in the typical antique Sivas rug makes it more feminine and sugary than other any other antique Turkish carpet. In the early nineteenth century, on the outskirts of Instanbul, the Hereke carpet workshop was established, becoming famous for producing exceptional, finely woven carpets of outstanding technical ability.

These antique Turkish rugs often feature luxurious materials such as silk and metal-thread worked into designs emulating the antique Persian carpets of the Ottoman and Safavid Court workshops. Ghiordes, in the western part of Turkey, is known for precisely figured, colorful, multi-bordered antique Turkish rugs with open prayer niches, and stylized architectural motifs.


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Price: $80,000

Item No.: BB6808 Circa: 1920 Size: 14'1" × 19'2" (429 × 584 cm)
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