Vintage Swedish Rug BB4759

Vintage Swedish Rug Description:

A Swedish flat woven antique rug with an allover abstract pattern in shaded of beige and brown with mirrored curvilinear design motifs in two diagonally opposite corners.

Although the majority of people associate carpets with certain shagginess, Scandinavian rugs for sale constitute a substantial part of the profound weaving heritage. Flat, hand-woven vintage area rugs have widely contributed to the development of rug-making techniques as they represent one of the basic forms of woven textiles. They are made without a pile and build upon the intertwining warp and weft. The simplicity and lightness of flatweaves mustn’t be taken for a sign of inferiority. On the contrary, the slightly simplified making techniques allow weavers to create ingenious pieces, often with an ethnic vibe, distinguished by appealing designs and incredible durability.

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