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vintage Swedish Flat weave by Berit Koenig

vintage Swedish Flat weave by Berit Koenig BB6244


Berit Koenig was a productive designer and master carpet weaver from Sweden. A highly influential figure, Koenig was a member of the Föreningen Svensk Hemslöjd, which is also known as the Swedish society for arts and handicrafts. During her long and distinguished career producing rugs, Ryas, and flat-woven Röllakan for the Svensk Hemslöjd, Berit Koenig created a number of named designs featuring geometric repeating patterns and stylized elements imbued with Scandinavian folk-art influences

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Item No.: BB6244 Circa: 1955 Size: 8'2" × 10'7" (248 × 322 cm)Categories: , , , ,