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Vintage Arts & Craft Rug

Vintage Arts & Craft Rug BB5808


This circa-1920 vintage Arts & Crafts rug by Voysey Rug consists of a geometric medallion outlined in red and surrounded by botanical motifs of flowering trees in soft pastel pinks, lilacs and greens against a field of light green. A main border containing floral patterns on a pink background complements the central design of the vintage carpet. C.F.A Voysey is one of the most widely known rug designers of the Arts & Crafts movement, incorporating innovative motifs such as hearts, stylized birds, animals and flowers into his designs. His approach to carpet making diverged from the commonly conceived notion of a rug as a type of painting, instead treating the design of the field as essentially infinite and bounded only by the dimensions of the border. This allowed the carpets to be made in a virtually unlimited number of sizes without having to redesign the carpet for each size produced.

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Item No.: BB5808 Circa: 1920 Size: 10'2" × 15'0" (309 × 457 cm)Category: