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Vintage Persian Meshad Rug

Vintage Persian Meshad Rug BB6233

Price: $18,000

Mashad Persian rug, Origin: Persia, Circa: 1930. This early 20th century Persian Meshad flat-woven antique rug is composed of 10 rows of 23 abstract boteh shapes alternating with 10 rows of 23 squares, each square divided into four smaller squares – all in a subtle grey dove color set against striking malaga colored background (names selected from Pantone Color Palette).

Used here boteh shape is one of the most ancient decorative motifs of Persian origin and universally used in oriental carpets in NYC. Boteh ornament looks like a water drop, a leaf, a pear or a fig fruit. Some people see it as a flame. In the western world it is called ‘paisley’, which comes from the town of Paisley in Scotland, where textiles with such patterns were produced.

The overall design of this astonishing Persian Rug suddenly offers qualities of modern design. Its unique color combination and precisely structured pattern of simple shapes would make a great base for design of remarkable interior both classic or modern.

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Item No.: BB6233 Circa: 1930 Size: 7'5" × 9'9" (226 × 297 cm)Categories: , ,