Vintage Persian Kirman Rug

Price: $80,000

This circa-1920 antique Kirman Persian carpet features an elaborate all-over design of floral abstractions and arabesques outlined sharply in beige and blue against a field of light beige. Staple Oriental carpet imagery such as the pomegranate – which signifies prosperity – can be seen throughout. Rug production began in the Southeast Persian city of Kirman during the Safavid period, peaking in the late 19th century and early 20th centuries when there was much demand in America for Kirman beautiful rugs.

Golam Hussein, Sherefat Khan and Arjomand are among the most well-known 20th century Kirman designers. Antique Kerman carpets are sought-after collectors’ items for a number of reasons, including their broad range of designs, an elaborate palette, use of natural dyes and fibers, great tensile strength and expert color combinations. The antique oriental rugs are typically cotton-foundation with high knot densities, and frequently have intricate all-over floral patterns – as seen in this particular carpet.

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Item No.: BB6019 Circa: 1920 Size: 9'10" × 16'9" (299 × 510 cm)
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