Traditional inspired Tabriz Rug.
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Traditional inspired Tabriz Rug. N11759

Price: $22,000

Inspired by Persian Tabriz rugs, this stunning piece draws attention with not only its stunning design, but also dedication to history. Hand woven using high quality blend of wool in order to ensure its authenticity, carpet’s weaver managed to somehow recreate patina that is often present on antique Persian rugs. The pattern itself features a well known floral motif juxtaposed with geometrical elements and a wide frame. The color palette contains warm shades of beige spiced up with a bit of earthy brown. A piece such as this would not look out of place in a museum of all places.

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Item No.: N11759 Size: 12'8" × 20'0" (386 × 609 cm)
Color: Beige Style: Botanic, Formal