This magnificent rug exhibits the best characteristics of Oriental weaving art with a touch of modernity. It is a marriage of East and West which combines ancient craft with a fresh approach. The allover geometric pattern is based upon diamond motifs, extremely characteristic of traditional tribal design and present on majority of antique carpets. On the other hand, this extraordinary piece lacks multiple borders, usually present on old Persian, Turkish or Indian rugs. Instead, it is gracefully finished from all sides with a minimalistic steel grey lace and a delicate fringe on just two borders. Adorned with exceptionally fashionable colors such as light slate grey and dark slate blue, the rug emanates with timeless elegance. A slight Abrash effect due to the application of natural dyes to the threads causes that some elements of the pattern are more visible than the others. It is a feature widely sought-after by the connoisseurs and collectors as it constitutes of a rug's uniqueness and quality. The pile is hand-executed of the finest wool according to traditional weaving techniques. This oriental-inspired wonder is perfect for both classic and contemporary interiors. It is not easy to resist its charm but thankfully, there is no need for it as it remains within your reach. 

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