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Oblique Modern Abstract Rug
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Oblique Modern Abstract Rug N10290 9'10" × 10'5" $11,900

This stunning abstract rug was inspired by vintage French Art Deco Rugs. Woven with great care, using only the highest quality materials, the modern rug immediately draws attention thanks to its elegant pattern. Several large circles on the central field  are framed by an irregular border, which looks as if drawn with a single stroke of a paintbrush. The color palette of this rug consists of black, beige and gray, which together create an unforgettable composition.

Very often we find ourselves surprised by the sheer amount of patterns, sizes and shapes offered to us by contemporary rugs. Indeed, modern carpets are among most diverse types of decor, fitting in almost any style imaginable. This makes them very desirable for not only interior designers, but also rug aficionados who want nothing more than just enjoy the beauty offered to them by contemporary carpets.

Doris Leslie Blau’s collection of both contemporary rugs and antique carpets contains only the best quality pieces, each of which was created with a great deal of attention and love. Our rugs were all handpicked in order to suit the tastes of our clientele and we are happy to know that our hard work is appreciated by the top interior designs magazines in the industry, such as Architectural Digest or Elle Decor.


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Price: $11,900

Item No.: N10290 Size: 9'10" × 10'5" (299 × 317 cm)
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Location: Chicago