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Traditional Sultabad Design Rug N11845

Price: $45,000

This new traditional carpet made in the exquisite Sultanabad style shows that traditional designs and top-notch craftsmanship have the quality of timelessness. Both the main field and consecutive borders bear an intricate botanical pattern incorporating classic oriental motifs such as palmettes, floral medallions and stylized foliage. This lush thicket is complemented by a rich yet properly muted color palette of beige, rosewood, gold, green, navy and off-white against the light blue background with grayish undertones. Carefully hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with centuries-old techniques, this modern rug will withstand years of usage with no signs of blemish, under the condition of proper maintenance. It is the option for all seekers of eternal beauty.

In this section we present the most beautiful carpets inspired by traditional oriental fabrics. If you are looking for a modern edition of a Persian, Indian, Chinese or Turkish accent to enrich your interior – those rugs will enamor you without a doubt. Oriental carpets have occupied a central place in many houses for centuries.

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Item No.: N11845 Size: 11'7" × 15'4" (353 × 467 cm)
Color: Blue, Gray Style: Bold, Botanic