Traditional Oriental Inspired Tabriz Rug
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Traditional Oriental Inspired Tabriz Rug N12047

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This contemporary rug was modeled on the fabulous carpets from Tabriz. Being probably the oldest functioning weaving center in Persia, Tabriz boasts a plethora of designs yet the one before your eyes – a subtle grid of botanical motifs, without a medallion –  is one of the most popular and most commonly associated with the place. The main field is occupied by bold palmettes, complemented by florals and stalks. Everything is enclosed within a border, maintained in the spirit of the main design, with further palmettes and delicate florals. The color palette featuring blue and taupe against beige is versatile and pleasant to the eye.

Although presently made, the rug matches the incredibly high standards of traditional Persian craft. It was thoroughly hand-knotted of wool by a skilled artisan. If properly maintained, the rug will serve its owners for generations, being the centerpiece of every décor.

Doris Leslie Blau combines the best of the past and the present in order to create perfect rugs of the future. We use centuries-old weaving techniques to ensure quality, and we also get inspiration from well-established, classic designs that are the foundation on which we confidently build the castle of our creativity. Due to such an approach, our contemporary rugs span the greatness of venerable antiques and the freshness of modern aesthetics.

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Item No.: N12047 Size: 9'10" × 14'4" (299 × 436 cm)
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