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Swedish Design Rug N11980

Price: $14,000

New, modern and custom rugs in stock of Doris Leslie Blau are distinguished by lastingness and never-passing charm. No challenge is too big for us when it comes to satisfying our beloved customers. To fulfill our promises, we draw richly from the old and venerable carpet-weaving tradition, at the same time considering the latest trends and bravely gazing towards the future.

Swedish design rug before you, although presently made, is based on the classics of the mid-20th century. Here, the allover geometric design with floral motifs representing carnations is masterfully complemented by the balanced color palette comprising of off-white, light gray with bluish undertones, navy, dusty orange and taupe. Such composition will easily fit into any kind of interior arrangement, bringing in a great deal of charm and chic.

The indisputably appealing design is followed by exquisite workmanship. The rug was carefully woven by hand of top-notch wool by a skilled artisan in accordance with old and refined techniques. With minimum amount of care, this Scandinavian flat-weave will serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear.

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Item No.: N11980 Size: 9'8" × 14'0" (294 × 426 cm)
Color: Beige, Brown, Gray, Green Style: Scandinavian