Hazel Geometric Rug II

Hazel Geometric Rug II N11979

Price: $18,000

This flat weave modern rug, inspired by traditional Swedish designs, manages to improve them in order to match contemporary decorating trends without losing the characteristic homely aura. Hand-woven using high-quality wool, the Swedish rug draws attention thanks to the smart use of colors, imaginative appearance and excellent workmanship. Its graceful body, although pileless, exudes a warm and inviting vibe. Strong and resilient, the flat-weave will undoubtedly serve its owners many years without any signs of wear, provided minimum amount of care.

The pattern depicts geometric leave-like shapes, separated by wavy lines that seem to pulsate. This whimsical yet dynamic composition would look perfect in a modern abode where it could brighten up the atmosphere with its playful charm. The color palette of this piece might be simple, but every hue is there for a reason. Beige, slate and red with touches of dusty orange work together perfectly and create a balanced whole that will seamlessly fit into a wide gamut of arrangements.

New, custom and modern area rugs by DLB are crème de la crème of contemporary weaving craft. They incorporate influences from the entire rug-making history, at the same time considering present-day decorating standards and introducing a pinch of futuristic approach. To experience the magic of top-notch floor coverings, browse our website or visit one of the galleries. Your satisfaction is our main objective.

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Item No.: N11979 Size: 10'0" × 10'0" (304 × 304 cm)
Color: Brown Rugs, Gray Rugs, Red Rugs Style: Scandinavian Rugs