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Swedish Flat weave Rug N12029

Price: $24,000

When it comes to Swedish rugs, one has to be prepared for uniqueness of their designs and quality of craftsmanship. Even today their patterns, often inspired by traditional Swedish crafts, dazzle with effortless beauty and elegance. Although Swedish rugs started out both as a practicality and a form of self-expression for many craftsmen, nowadays they became something akin to master pieces of Scandinavian art with numerous collectors seeking after them.

This stunning contemporary Swedish rug certainly draws attention. Uniqueness of its pattern and a fascinating color palette make it a perfect addition to a wide array of styles and interiors. Main field of this vintage rug has a scattered geometric motifs, most of which are checkered squares, each including a depiction of a simplified flower. The whole is bordered by a wide frame. The color palette of this piece contains shades of blue, white and black.

Having a Scandinavian rug in your household can be a game changer for not only decor, but also your family! Once you own a vintage Scandinavian rug nothing else will be able to satisfy you! Doris Leslie Blau’s collection of antique rugs and vintage carpets is sure to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs.

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Item No.: N12029 Size: 12'6" × 18'0" (381 × 548 cm)
Color: Blue, Gray Style: Scandinavian Construction: Flat Weave