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Contemporary Silk Rug N11539

Price: $7,000

This modern pattern carpet is a dream come true for every lover of effortless elegance. It constitutes an incredibly successful merger of the ancient weaving craft with the modern aesthetic approach. Due to this reason, the astonishing silk carpet will easily find its way into both classically and modernly arranged interiors.

Most importantly, however, the rug is a genuine piece of art and an exceptionally qualitative utilitarian object. Its pure pile is masterly hand-executed of the finest silk according to traditional weaving techniques, which results in a luminous, soft and simply irresistible texture. No pattern is required, the whole excellence lies in the fabric and the perfectly matched color palette. Light silver-blue main field is beautifully finished with navy blue borders that in terms of texture are truly velvet-like.

This magnificent silk solid area rug exhibits a characteristic known as ‘shading’ – apparent shade variations caused by relatively slight changes in pile lay from general use. It adds an intriguing touch to this otherwise minimalistic composition. This carpet may bring its shine to your interior, just let it in.

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Item No.: N11539 Size: 5'7" × 8'7" (170 × 261 cm)
Style: Solid