Tibetan Contemporary Silk Rug

Tibetan Contemporary Silk Rug Description:

This contemporary silk Tibetan rug exudes a truly joyful aura. Supposedly, an orb is the perfect shape, which makes this silk carpet pure excellence. Its design is based on geometric figures regularly located on the entire field with the vast preponderance of circles. The quality of this modern wonder is visible at first glance - the hand-knotted pile sheens, almost glows, thanks to the finest silk fibers used in the weaving process. What adds even more glamor in the application of two most classy shades of blue - indigo and pastel. Just as the orb is considered the first among shapes, the color blue has definitely been the one which evoked the hottest emotions throughout the world history of design art. Such a combination will certainly not go unnoticed. This contemporary silk masterpiece will add a vibrant touch to any interior and saturate it with color. 


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