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Oversized Samarkand Rug N11740

Price: $72,000

Samarkand rugs are jewels of the Middle Asian weaving art. Not only beautiful, but also durable, they were an important part of local history and continue to inspire numerous designers all across the world. This particular piece immediately draws the eye with its large size. Hand knotted using high quality wool, it is delightfully soft to touch, almost inviting to step on it. The pattern featured on the modern gray rug‘s surface is extremely decorative and complex. You can see small flowers blooming in a beautiful display of love for nature. The colors picked by the rug’s weaver have warm, earthy undertones making them a perfect choice for a composition such as this one. Dark brown and greenish brown will look great in any kind of interior.

This original design proved to be so precious and desired by the clientele all over the world that it provoked the workshops to reiterate this kind of aesthetics and delight the next generations of carpet users with it. The unusual style of Samarkand-inspired large area rugs displays themes from many oriental cultures including China with its fretwork borders, lotus blossoms and graceful cloud-bands, India with cloud bands, Turkey with bold reciprocal borders and carnations and naturally Persia with its floral trellis work.

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Item No.: N11740 Size: 18'7" × 24'3" (566 × 739 cm)
Color: Beige, Gray Style: Botanic, Casual, Dreamy