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Samarkand Rug N11744

Price: $15,000

While Samarkand rugs are not as popular as Persian or Turkish ones, they still continue to dazzle interior designers and collectors with their exotic beauty. Woven in the heart of Middle Asia, this beautiful carpet embodies everything that’s best in Samarkand craft. Hand knotted using high quality wool, this modern carpet pattern immediately draws attention with its rather large size, making it perfect for places with a lot of space but no way to fill it. The rug sports a very interesting floral pattern which depicts flowers in full bloom and vines curling all across the surface. The border features much smaller decorations which are a nice finishing touch for the whole composition. The color palette of this rug is rather calm as it is composed of only two colors – beige and light green.

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Item No.: N11744 Size: 10'2" × 13'9" (309 × 419 cm)
Color: Green Style: Botanic
Location: Chicago