Ripple Pearl Eskayel Rug II N11041 by DLB
Ripple Pearl Eskayel Rug II
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Ripple Pearl Eskayel Rug II N11041 12'0" × 17'0" $29,000

New, custom and modern rugs by Doris Leslie Blau are made with humility towards the centuries-old techniques and the consideration of present-day decorating standards. Our category of designer rugs, created in co-operation with world-renowned artists, aims at achieving goods of equally timeless quality and appearance. This mesmerizing modern rug designed by Eskayel is a product of the before-mentioned approach.

Eskayel is a group of young visionaries whose main inspiration stems from nature. Being consistent and true to their beliefs, Eskayel executes their projects with upmost respect paid to the natural environment, totally excluding artificial dyes and machine production. In that respect, they are matched with us like peas in a pod.

Ripple Pearl Eskayel rug before your eyes was meticulously hand-knotted of the finest aloe and silk fibers by a skilled artisan. Due to such careful making, its structure is firm and dependable while its pile is soft and luminous. If properly maintained, it has a chance to serve many years without the slightest signs of blemish.

The subtle abstract design captures the elusive beauty of our ever-changing planet. The soft color palette of beiges and taupe will seamlessly match a wide variety of décors, infusing them with a serene vibe. Versatile and well-made, the contemporary rug is an investment that will continue to please the eyes and hands of its owners for generations.


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Price: $29,000

Item No.: N11041 Size: 12'0" × 17'0" (365 × 518 cm)
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