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Sylvan Rug

Price: $4,000

The natural beauty and heartwarming character of this contemporary rug for sale is quite unmatched by anything present day utilitarian objects have to offer. Its charm lies in impeccable execution and intriguing texture rather than pattern, as the soft body of the flat weave wool rug is utterly simplistic.

The entire design is based on thick and thin braids, meticulously woven by hand by a skilled artisan, which set the rustic and idyllic tone of the flat-weave, complemented by a subdued and earthy color palette of grays and ivory. With the neutral shades and subtle appearance, the Sylvan modern area rug is distinguished by absolute versatility. It will easily fit into any interior arrangement, from classic to state-of-the-art, bringing in a great dose of warmth and finesse.

Due to the thorough hand-making of the top-notch wool, the body of the flat-weave is soft and durable at the same time. If properly maintained, it will withstand many years of usage without any signs of wear, pampering the eyes, hands and feet of its lucky owners.

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Item No.: N11690 Size: 4'9" × 8'0" (144 × 243 cm)Categories: ,