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Modernist Jean Cocteau Style Rug N12059 14'2" × 20'0" $42,000

This exquisite rug was  designed in Jean Cocteau’s signature style, while retaining its own spirit and originality. Jean Cocteau was one of the greatest artist of our era: writer, designer, playwright, artist and filmmaker, Cocteau left his mark on the history of contemporary art. Hand knotted using the highest quality blend of silk, the rug is not only delightfully soft, but also durable. Although the color palette is rather simple, as it consists of only black and white, the rug continues to draw attention, thanks to its mesmerizing pattern. Seemingly random doodles all over the rug surface might seem devoid of meaning for some, however a closer look is enough to see the secret behind simplicity.

Can a household be truly complete without a contemporary rug? Nothing can replace the warmth and beauty of  a high quality modern carpet. While we might not always notice them immediately, but rugs are the only element of decor able to effortlessly tie everything together.

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Price: $42,000

Item No.: N12059 Size: 14'2" × 20'0" (431 × 609 cm)
Color: Gray, White Construction: Knotted Style: , Material: Silk