Swedish Design Rug

Swedish Design Rug N11974


Although the designs of Scandinavian carpets were originally inspired by imported textiles, they gradually developed their own characteristic style. Simple geometric patterns and vignettes from everyday life such as bouquets of flowers, a child’s sampler or a pet dog were incorporated into flat woven tapestries or Scandinavian carpets, adding charm and intimacy to this folk art.

This stunning custom rug is a dream come true of any connoisseur. Made with great care and skill, it delights with both its high quality and beauty. What certainly draws the eye to it, is its geometric pattern, inspired by traditional Scandinavian crafts. Symmetrical fan-like shapes give this composition a surprising lightness, enhanced by the choice of the color palette. Delicate grays and beiges are contrasted with coral red, making them seem even more vibrant.

Here at Doris Leslie Blau we take a great pride in what we do and nothing makes us happier than the knowledge that our hard work is appreciated by both our clients and countless interior design magazines, such as Architectural Digest or Vogue. All of our rugs are 100% authentic, ensuring that your shopping experience with Doris Leslie Blau will be a safe one.


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Item No.: N11974 Size: 9'8" × 13'10" (294 × 421 cm)
Color: Beige, Brown, Gray Style: Scandinavian