Swedish Design Rug

Swedish Design Rug N11973


Popularity of  Scandinavian rugs seems to match that of classic Persian rugs. It is not a surprise, considering the beautiful patterns and superb craftsmanship of Scandinavian weave. Throughout the years, extraordinary Scandinavian rugs charmed people all over the world with their minimalistic and organized geometrical compositions. Despite their shared sources of inspiration, mainly folklore and natural beauty, each Scandinavian rug is unique, benefiting from the skills and creativity of individual weavers.

This stunning custom rug is a dream come true of any connoisseur. Made with great care and skill, it delights with both its high quality and beauty. What certainly draws the eye to it, is its geometric pattern, inspired by traditional Scandinavian crafts. Symmetrical fan-like shapes give this composition a surprising lightness, enhanced by the choice of the color palette. Delicate grays and beiges are contrasted with coral red, making them seem even more vibrant.

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Item No.: N11973 Size: 10'0" × 14'0" (304 × 426 cm)
Color: Blue, Brown, Gray, Green Style: Scandinavian
Location: Wright