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Contemporary Geometric Tribal Rug N11914

Price: $22,000

This new rug combines features of traditional tribal craft with contemporary trends. Its vast face is covered in an allover zigzag pattern with a repeated kilim motif – in that aspect the carpet resembles widely sought-after original Moroccan or Turkish flat weaves. In the oriental language of rug symbols, a zigzag stands for running water – an extremely scarce and thus, important resource on deserts roamed by nomadic families.

On the other hand, the color palette of this traditional-inspired rug is closer to the western aesthetics. The combination of pastel tones, including salmon, Indian red, firebrick and sandy beige with touches of  light beige and mint, resembles of Scandinavian design more than the Middle-Eastern gaudiness. Moreover, in contrast to kilims, this contemporary rug has a pile. This colorful mix of influences works together perfectly and has the potential to introduce its playful charm into a wide array of modern decors.

The contemporary rug distinguishes itself with top-notch execution. Its body, carefully hand-knotted of exquisite wool by a skilled artisan in accordance with centuries-old techniques, is strong, resilient and unique. Provided a minimum amount of care, the carpet will withstand years of usage without any signs of wear, being the focal point of any arrangement.

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Item No.: N11914 Size: 13'0" × 14'10" (396 × 452 cm)
Color: Beige, Brown, Green, Red Style: Geometric