Lilac Rug

Lilac Rug Description:

This subtle and well-executed modern rug shows the potential that lies in adapting the centuries-old craft of carpet weaving to contemporary aesthetic standards. Although presently conducted, the execution of this beauty was performed in accordance with traditional weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. Thoroughly hand-knotted of the finest silk, the pile of the graceful floor covering is distinguished by irresistible softness and luster that will pamper the senses of its lucky owners for generations. If properly maintained, the rug will serve many years without any signs of wear due to its firm structure. In terms of design, the piece relies on minimalistic solutions. The imposing borderless field is covered in an allover pattern of slender horizontal stripes rendered in a versatile and chic dark grey shade with lilac undertones against the light gray background. Cushy, tender and simple the modern rug will add airiness and homely feel to absolutely any décor, organizing and optically enlarging the space. It is an option for the admirers of timeless elegance in outstanding quality. 

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