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Modern Grey Braque Rug
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Modern Grey Braque Rug N12120 9'8" × 9'5" $14,000

Beauty of this abstract area rug lies not only in its ingenious design, but also superb craftsmanship that goes with it. Hand knotted with great care using high quality wool, the carpet mesmerizes with the complexity of its pattern. Mysterious foggy shapes dance on the pile like shadows on a wall, enticing the viewer into following them. The color palette accompanying them is composed mostly of various shades of gray, which juxtaposed together gain an unexpected depth. Such a unique modern size rug can make any interior look truly special in more way than one.

Usually vibrant, expressive and abundant in form, abstract rugs may present certain challenges for inexperienced decorators. However, if one strongly feels the given aesthetics and remembers that in decorating, as in majority of visual arts, less very often means more, he or she will succeed brilliantly. A striking and dramatic abstract area rug should constitute the focal point or the axis of the design as there is no chance it will calmly stand beside or disappear in the rest of the décor.


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Price: $14,000

Item No.: N12120 Size: 9'8" × 9'5" (294 × 287 cm)
Color: Gray Style: ,