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Contemporary Twisted Belts Leather Rug
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Contemporary Twisted Belts Leather Rug N12053 12'1" × 14'10" $12,000

Contemporary rugs come in all shapes and sizes, making them one of the most diverse types of interior decoration. The market is full of beautiful contemporary rugs inspired by newest trends, but also antique carpets. With such a wide array of the highest quality modern carpets, you are sure to find that one perfect piece.

This stunning minimalist rug brings together all that’s best in both past and present. Made of the highest quality materials, this rug is a perfect combination of utility and beauty. What immediately draws the attention is certainly its structure. Twisted fibers create a modest stripped design. Simple color palette consists of beige and brown which serve to highlight the beauty of design.

Here at Doris Leslie Blau we take a great pride in what we do and nothing makes us happier than the knowledge that our hard work is appreciated by both our clients and countless interior design magazines, such as Architectural Digest or Vogue. All of our antique rugs and contemporary carpets are authentic, ensuring that your shopping experience with Doris Leslie Blau will be a safe one.


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Price: $12,000

Item No.: N12053 Size: 12'1" × 14'10" (368 × 452 cm)
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