Contemporary Rug

Contemporary Rug N11330

Price: $10,500

This luxurious solid color carpet, hand-made with wool and silk, is a pith and marrow of elegance. Fibers dyed in cocoa brown and soft gray colors joined together make an impression of soil and sand layers. Intriguing texture of its pile-weave and rare materials cause the feeling of above the average convenience. Vanguard charm of the whole will serve well in case of modern interiors, open spaces and in presence of such raw materials as solid, metal and glass. This was designed and created in order to please every devotee of progressive aesthetics which is so in vogue nowadays. The modern carpet textures is a carrier of undeniable savour.

In the world of design a carpet complements a living space. It happens on many levels – from strictly visual aspects, such as the color palette and patterns, to emotional ones like the feel of coziness and ‘completeness’. It is a marker of zones – we tend to place carpets sale under sitting areas, beds or tables. 

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Item No.: N11330 Size: 9'10" × 13'8" (299 × 416 cm)
Color: Brown Style: Solid