Contemporary Silver Silk Rug N11752 by DLB
Contemporary Silver Silk Rug
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Contemporary Silver Silk Rug N11752 14'5" × 18'5" $54,000

The beauty of contemporary modern area rugs lays in the fact that they are not always what they seem to be at first glance. We are used to seeing flashy designs and original patterns in our textiles, but having something devoid of them seems too boring and ordinary for our tastes. This carpet, however, is bound to change your opinion.

Hand woven from the best quality silk, which ensures its softness and luxurious gloss, the modern carpet textures surprises with its rather large size. It is a perfect choice for those with a large space that needs to be filled with something extraordinary. While this large area rug sizes lacks a pattern, its unique texture compensates for it. Instead of a plain, flat surface, as some people might expect, you have a fascinating weave that is bound to look astonishing no matter where you place it. The whole composition is completed with a beautiful silvery-gray hue of the pile which seems to shine like a full moon.


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Price: $54,000

Item No.: N11752 Size: 14'5" × 18'5" (439 × 561 cm)
Color: Silver Style: