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Tibetan Deco Silver Rug N11363 12'1" × 18'6" $16,500

The marvelous modern rug before your eyes was carefully hand-woven in Tibet by a skilled artisan. Thanks to the combination of wool and silk, its structure is dependable and resilient whereas the pile soft and luminous. This delicate sheen adds even more elegance to the already dashing pattern. Provided minimum care, this Art Deco rug will withstand years of usage without any signs of wear.

Inspired with Chinese Deco, the allover trellis has a subtle yet easily perceptible Asian feel to it. Bold and dense, the pattern will have a chance to introduce an intriguing geometric stir into any kind of interior, from classic to state-of-the-art. All the more, the color palette of dark slate and off-white is utterly versatile and presents a dynamic contrast, widely sought-after in modern decorating.

New, modern and custom rugs by Doris Leslie Blau combine the best features of the past and present weaving craft which shows in their indisputable quality. Our wide range of designs comprises traditional-inspired, contemporary, abstract or utterly visionary, aimed at introducing rugs into the future of decorating. Browse our wide online inventory or visit one of our galleries to touch the magic and beauty of top-notch antique rugs and contemporary carpets.


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Price: $16,500

Item No.: N11363 Size: 12'1" × 18'6" (368 × 563 cm)
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