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Contemporary Oversized Moroccan Geometric Hand Knotted Wool Rug N11114 15'0" × 15'4" $26,000

Contemporary carpets, just as other pieces of decor, are subjects of rapidly changing trends. If we take a look at what was considered fashionable ten or fifteen years ago, it becomes clear how much have modern carpets changed. Each year interior designers form all over the world wonder what will be all the rage this season – silk rugsFlat woven carpets?  Nobody knows for sure, so each year we are subjected to an array of stunning contemporary rugs, each in different style and size.

Beauty of this luxurious geometric rug lies not only in its exquisite design, but also superb craftsmanship. It was hand woven with great care and love, which resulted in a pile of the highest quality. Additionally, wool used during the process of weaving ensured delightful softness of the pile and its durability. The all over pattern depicts a series of perfectly symmetrical geometric figures, lined up neatly from left to right.  Every pair is accompanied by a small diamond at the top and bottom. Rug’s color palette consists of very stylish shades of gray.

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Price: $26,000

Item No.: N11114 Size: 15'0" × 15'4" (457 × 467 cm)
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