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Samarkand Rug N11777 10'1" × 13'7" (307 × 414 cm) $14,000

This exquisite safavieh samarkand rug was undoubtedly inspired by traditional patterns hailing from this region, but managed to somehow improve them with a modern twist. Knotted by hand, the modern pattern carpet was made using high quality wool, which ensured both its durability and delightful softness. The pattern of this piece depicts a beautiful floral composition, akin to a meadow, which is juxtaposed with minimalist geometric element. As a result we have a piece that manages to take what’s best from both words and its color palette only helps to highlight it. Delicate beiges and deep blacks work together perfectly, as one would suspect.

This original design proved to be so precious and desired by the clientele all over the world that it provoked the workshops to reiterate this kind of aesthetics and delight the next generations of carpet users with it. The unusual style of Samarkand-inspired carpets displays themes from many oriental cultures including China with its fretwork borders, lotus blossoms and graceful cloud-bands, India with cloud bands, Turkey with bold reciprocal borders and carnations and naturally Persia with its floral trellis work.


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Price: $14,000

Item No.: N11777 Size: 10'1" × 13'7" (307 × 414 cm)
Color: Brown, Yellow Style: Casual
Location: Chicago